A Cracking Present for
Tough Christmas Nuts


discipline Art Direction, ENVIRONMENT   |   client / American tourister



Everyone loves a good surprise. For Marie Stahlbaum, her tough nutcracker gave her the biggest surprise of all by defeating the evil Mouse King in battle.Thus for American Tourister’s seasonal campaign, they wish to gift buyers with the biggest surprises of the holiday season. Come to the magical kingdom of American Tourister for full range of luggage choices to choose from because American Tourister never fails to be your tough nutcracker.


Shaped like a soldier, the nutcracker is the quintessential Christmas doll, named so for its resilience and utility. In the key visuals, the Nutcracker is featured prominently with the product, representing the luggage’s toughness and durability. With the assortment of luggage the Nutcracker has prepared for the consumer, it represents a tough decision for buyers, who will have many luggage choices to choose from this Christmas.

Pairing the corporate red of American Tourister with a gold colour, a brighter and more festive look is achieved. Through playing with the arrangement of design elements, the whole visual forms the shape of a Christmas tree, while the foreground displays the Nutcracker and the luggages, along with graphics forming Christmas ornaments.