Forget Me Not
Photography Exhibition





We hope to remember and keep the memories of something we grew up with or even while still living in. There are many stories behind every door of Margaret Drive and Commonwealth, from many walks of life. Their journey, our paths crossed. We hope we can open doors to unveil the stories and path of the people who are living in Margaret Drive and Commonwealth, Forget Me Not.


There are many stories behind every door, every household. And most are forgotten after all doors are closed. With the simplest form of a door comes the unveiling and opening what’s behind all the walks of life in Commonwealth and Margaret drive over the years by the two photographers who have so much memories in the two district. 


Vivid hues of yellow and magenta bring out the vivid memories of Commonwealth and Margaret drive as captured by photographers Erwin Tan and Nicky Loh.

CREDITS: All PHOTOGRAPHS TAKEN BY photographer, Erwin Tan and Nicky Loh.