A Walk to Remember 


discipline Art Direction, Print & Graphics   |   client / NATIONAL HERITAGE WALK



As Singapore celebrates its Golden Jubilee in 2015, it is an ideal time to reflect upon the long, arduous journey the city-state has taken to become the global nation it is today. Utilizing the concept of a time machine, it is with hope that the participants of the Jubilee Walk can undertake a walk to remember; a visceral experience of what Singapore was like in the past, and invite them to contemplate on what is to come in the years ahead.

The Time Machine is an ideal way in which participants can fully comprehend what the Jubilee Walk aimed to achieve — to reflect upon the past, celebrate the present, and prepare for the future.  With the graphic resembling building blueprints, it is also a representation of how Singapore had laid down the groundwork for the success we have, for now and in the future.

Jubilee Cover.jpg

An air of nostalgia is brought about through the inclusion of the National Museum dome, along with the names of seven iconic Singapore landmarks, while at the same time instilling a sense of timelessness into the design.